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As I surf the net, I come across various things I wish someone had told me about. In theory, one day they will all be available in the polished sections of my website. In the meantime, they are piling up on my desk. If you're willing to do a little 'digging', you may be rewarded with 'gems'! Beware: At April 2010, it has been a long time since I went into most of these folders to do any "weeding"!

Education issues and resources
Sources of freeware, shareware
For programmers (Dos/ Windows, Pascal, Delphi, etc)
For shareware AUTHORS only.
Wall Street and 'The City' (London's equivalent)
More....Wall Street and 'The City' (London's equivalent)
School, hobby electronics
    (Mostly about doing things with digital electronics, including PICs and 6802
    microprocessors. Not much about how to add soundcards, hard drives, etc, to a PC.
    However, this section does include material such as circuits you might want to
    build and connect to a PC via a parallel port.)

Internet: Editing, publishing your own pages
Internet: General use of it
Using internet newsgroups / usergroup
Natural History... birds, etc

'Other', including items not yet moved to right section

The material has at least been partially sorted by the area it relates to! There is often overlap, though. E.g.: Where would you put a link to a site offering to post educational shareware for authors? Generally, I have tried to move things to the most specific relevant group. Things which should be in one of the dedicated groups may be in 'Other'. Parents and teachers should visit the 'Sources of freeware & shareware' section, too, for the many good programs that are available that way. Only sites limited to education audiences were listed in the 'Education issues and resources' section. Shareware authors should visit the 'Sources of freeware...' section, as many sources are looking for material to include in their archives.

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