Learn from matching pairs of things

The program puts two columns on the screen. For each item in the first column there is a matching item in the second column... somewhere. The challenge is for users to find the pairs. When the two elements of a pair are clicked on, the pair disappears. The time taken to get rid of all the pairs is reported, and can be posted in a "Scores" table if the user wishes.

The program's helpfile will tell you more.


Here is a larger screenshot, for anyone who wants it.

A number of demonstration question sets are already available, and more will be added. Registered users of the program can create further sets of questions with any simple text editor. Un-registered users are invited to send question sets for conVers ion to the form which allows un-registered users to see them presented by the program.

Click here to download 184kb self extracting .exe file with the program.... It will unzip the program and some demo question sets. You are given a chance to say where you want it unzipped, i.e. into what folder. Of the various places you may find this program, this is most likely to be the most up to date Vers ion. It is Vers ion "6b Oct 05"... which is shown in the program's window's title bar, and on the "About" panel.

Download problem, etc? Please report, quote:A#mga15

Good luck! Enjoy!

Since publishing the above, a new question set has been created which can be used even with the "demo" (free) Vers ion of the program.

The question set is for students preparing for a US private pilot's license. It will help them learn the light signals which can be sent to them from control towers, e.g. that, if they are on the ground, a flashing red light means "taxi clear of the runway in use". (Twelve such signals are covered in the question set.)

While any of these question sets can be used as "tests", they are probably more useful in the role of study aides.... the more times you go through the exercise, the more thoroughly you will know the material in it.

To use this question set, install the basic MatchPairs package with download above, and then download the following....

Question set (Lights) for Private Pilot License students

Store it where you like, but it will be easiest to manage things if you put it in the same folder as MGA15.exe

... and then set up a shortcut to launch MGA15. Right click on that, click on properties. Add to the end of the "stuff" in "target"....


... with a space in front of it. (If you didn't store it with the .exe file, then you need to include the path to the file, too. Put the whole thing (path and filename) in "s)

Double click on the shortcut, and you should get the testing program up and running, with "gnd steady green" at the top of the left hand column, standing for "What does it mean when you are on the GrouND and you see a STEADY GREEN light. The correct answer ("Cleared for take off") will be somewhere in the right hand column. Click on it, the two parts of the pair go away, and you can move on to clearing away the next pair. As with all question sets, you can do the answers in any order, so do them in whatever order suits you. Again, as with any question set, the phrases in the left column will always come up in the same order, the phrases on the right will be shuffled each time.

In the coming months, I anticipate releasing more private pilot license study aids. If you would like to be notified as they are released, contact me, let me have an email address. (And yes- I hate spam too, and will try not to abuse your trust!) These study aids will be for MatchPairs, and for other learning software from the Sheepdog Software catalog.

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